At Home Senior Fitness

Welcome to At Home Senior Fitness.

I found my purpose: to help others find a better quality of life through the gift of exercise.  When exercise is done to match your abilities, it can have a life-changing effect.


Chair Exercises

Slow Moving Chair Yoga - Part 1

Slow Moving Chair Yoga - Part 2

Gentle Circuit Training in Chair

Easy Core Exercise

Chair Exercise with a Step

Easy Chair Exercise with Ball

Core Exercises in the Chair

Easy Chair Exercise with Weights

Easy Chair Exercise with Towels

Gentle Chair Stretch and Warm Up

Exercises while Standing

Gentle Standing Aerobics Workout

Gentle Standing Exercises with Weights

Fun Balance Exercises

Exercise Class - With Broom!

Light Cardio Using Blankets + Pillow

Easy Exercises for Strengthening and Stretching Back

Gentle Exercise Using the Chair

Gentle Circuit Training

Gentle Standing Aerobics

Simple Core and Balance Exercises


Easy Balance Exercises

Fall Prevention - Upper Body + Core Exercise

Fun Coordination Exercises

Easy Leg Workout

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