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Simpler and Smarter

A unique selection assessment that fills the gap between the resume and the interview, PXT Select™ help organizations:

Get a clear picture of candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right hiring decision.

Start the selection process on the right foot. Explore an expanding library of job functions to which you can compare candidates.

Interview with confidence! Ask tailored questions and keep an open ear for “what to listen for” based on a candidate’s assessment results.

Identify ways to enhance performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to an organization.

Match people with positions in which they’ll perform well and enjoy what they do.

Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement, which results in happier employees!

PXT Selectis a complete game-changer and an integral part of our hiring process.


One assessment. Access to a full suite of reports.

Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful. PXT Selectnot only helps you find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience. PXT Select’s suite of reports helps you select, onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential.

What Is Included In Your JobFit Trial

PXT Select Reports

A customized PXT Select benchmark (Performance Model) representing the competencies required for a position you are currently hiring for.

A complimentary online Profiles Assessment Centre.

A customized self-registration link to send to candidates to take the online assessment.

A debrief session to discuss the candidate results, Interview Report (and interview questions), and Coaching Reports for up to three candidates to help you decide who is the best long term fit for the job.

How it works

Step One

Introductory call to understand what JOBFIT is, and how it will help you to select a high performing, engaged employee with high retention.

Also to get a better understanding of your selection process and the challenges you may be experiencing with today’s applicant pool.

Step Two

Vero will create a customized job benchmark (Performance Model) with the Profiles Assessment Centre.

Have a debrief session to finalize the Performance Model and make any adjustments to best represent the required competencies.

Vero will generate a customized link to send to three candidates to take the assessment online.

Step Three

The Profiles Assessment Centre will match the three candidates to the Performance Model and generate an Interview Report and a Coaching Report for each candidate that you will receive within one minute of completion by a candidate.

Have a debrief session to discuss the candidate's results and how best to decide which one will be a top performing, engaged employee, and stay long term.

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Thank you for your interest in JOBFIT and finding top performers for your organization.

Susan Hanson,
Strategic Business Partner- Profiles International

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